About us - ASPHALTKIND: Car Enthusiasts

Park - walk a few steps - look around. According to the saying "If you don`t look back after you park it, you have the wrong car", we don`t just see cars as a box with four wheels to get from A to B. It`s more than that. It is more:

We go to museums of cars and are fascinated by the art of engineering.
We go to car fairs or to the car dealership on Saturdays and just look. Hands in pockets and thoughts in our heads: "So that's it. The new one. Cool. And so that's it from the back. I like it."
We configure cars we can't yet afford. Simply out of fascination. To dream. And to work harder to make the dream come true one day.
We like to drive cars. We often question the technology and are thrilled by the ever-improving driving characteristics.
Yes, we are even a little proud. Of what technical progress has brought us in recent years.
As children, we dream of being able to work on a car ourselves. Maybe even to make it our profession: "I want to do something with cars.

In the end, we are all more or less car enthusiasts. In the end, ASPHALTKIND came into being for these reasons.

Out of passion...

For all those who as a child had their favourite car hanging on the wall as a poster, looked at it on the road with sparkling eyes and later sat behind the wheel of this vehicle with a beating heart: ASPHALTKIND is for you.

Just like our roof boxes, the ASPHALTKIND brand combines two things (which don't have to be mutually exclusive): Uncompromisingness and car enthusiasm. These two statements are basic components of our philosophy and sum up what we stand for. Together with you, we show the whole world that you don't have to compromise for enthusiasm, you just have to find the right diversions that turns out to be the better route in retrospect.

Stay car enthusiastic, your Nils (Founder & Managing Director of ASPHALTKIND)



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