Premium number plate holder car "2 HP extra"

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During a rather sporty ride, we pushed the usual "advertising-printed" number plate holder to its limits by breaking off the lower bar.

Reason enough to look for a more stable, high-quality and rattle-free solution!

With our "2PS extra" number plate holder, especially for sports cars, we succeeded. Built for the left lane, and for tight bends: the perfect number plate holder for your car, whether GTI, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes.

Thanks to the discreet ASPHALTKIND logo, which is applied to the lower bar using a high-quality digital printing process, the colours always remain bright and do not yellow due to UV radiation.

A licence plate holder is included in the delivery.

Dimensions: 52 cm x 13.5 cm (with its standard size, it is suitable for any standard passenger car in Europe).

Ps.: Don't worry about mounting the licence plate holder. There are often only two screws and you can't do anything wrong! :)